40 Under 40

WP Labs was in charge of care for 40 under 40’s impeccable website. The WP Labs team took great care to create a fully functional and attractive one-page website for our client and now provides 24/7 maintenance and support.


The Brief
Forty under forty is a community made up of 40 passionate and determined business leaders with a belief in the potential of the Maltese Islands. These forty individuals believe that by coming together and contributing to national discussions, a change for the better can be, not only imagined, but achieved. They aspire to see our country by putting a number of issues and discussions to the forefront. These include topics such as the environment, the economy, social inclusion, social mobility, the educational systems and much more.

Landing Page
WP Labs embarked on an interesting and unique task when creating the landing page for forty under forty. Developing this landing page, we recognised the importance of encompassing the principles that these forty individuals stand by in a real and appropriate way. The landing page is an indispensable part of any and every website because it is the first thing that visitors see.

When it comes to our client’s landing page design, we opted for a stylish yet straightforward landing page setup which consists of a sophisticated blend of white and green content, which is placed on a dark backdrop that reflects numerous of Malta’s features.

Here at WP Labs, we pride ourselves on our ability to create incredibly versatile websites, particularly during this landing page development. This landing page website is flexible in such a way that it allows for continuous growth of the website and the brand itself. We build websites in a modular manner, which means that the websites can be reused several times in different contexts. This is important because a good website is always modular due to constantly changing developmental needs in many industries today. That is exactly what we did during this landing page development. Although WordPress website development has been around for a number of years, it takes specialised expertise to manage building such a website. This is because we build websites in which various facets (for example, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Node.js) that integrate and work well together.

Maintenance & Support

With a 99.81% uptime and regular security checks of their website, the forty under forty group can rely on WP Labs to deliver a smooth, worry-free experience. Combined with daily backups, this means that they are prepared for anything!