GO Ventures

WP Labs was commissioned by GO Ventures to develop a leading-edge website for them. We added a number of high-tech modules for the GO Ventures website, such as advanced accessibility along with our standard website hosting and cloud backups.


The Brief
GO Ventures is a start up foundation which is aimed at investing in companies and ideas by providing finance and support. At GO Ventures, we believe in the potential of new and interesting, technology-based ideas as we know that there is always room to go beyond the traditional framework of telecommunications. It is this belief that led to the inception of the GO Ventures foundation, which seeks to explore new ideas and give them a chance, whilst also supporting the innovation, determination and hard work of founders, while also connecting people in new ways.


Social Media Feed Integration
When developing the corporate website of GO Ventures, we saw it as an importance to add social media integration systems in order to ensure that our client reaches their target audience more easily and with greater efficiency. This is because, as a digital agency, we believe that social media websites will provide you with a place to build trust with users and keep them informed with regular posts and news.


Website Hosting
Web hosting is related to the storage of the files and your corporate website content information. These files are stored in a remote area which is known as a host therefore, it is vital to choose a web host which is well-suited to the needs of the corporate website. As a digital agency, we view this as crucial, in fact, it is safe to say that every site needs effective web hosting in place. Having an aesthetically appealing corporate website is great but it is widely known that if your corporate website takes too long to load, your users will be gone before you know it. This issue also affects a company’s online presence. Subsequently, when it comes to hosting, loading speed is one of the key factors to address. Luckily, as a digital agency, at WP Labs, our clients will never have to worry about such elements. We have numerous tools to solve these problems, such as; expert file hosting services that give you the web speed you need for the corporate website to function well.


Advanced Accessibility
To ensure Go Ventures users benefit from convenient accessibility, WP Labs implemented an Advanced Accessibility widget into the site. This widget includes an ‘up arrow go’ which takes one to the top and the bottom of each page of the corporate website.