The Malta Florist

The WP Labs team designed the eCommerce website for The Malta Florist and placed an emphasis on drumming up interest in the brand by means of advanced SEO, Facebook chat integration and more.

The Brief
The founder of The Malta Florist, Charles Zahra grew up in a family of farmers. He then switched his interest to flowers instead of vegetables and became a florist. After that, he started selling flowers at the farmers market and delivering bouquets on-order. WP Labs designed and developed an excellent eCommerce shop that meets all of The Malta Florist’s needs and expectations.


eCommerce shop
Through our knowledge and experience of working with several eCommerce businesses, we have developed a versatile approach which is key to all eCommerce website design. The stable uptime eCommerce shops require meant that our safe, well-maintained hosting and backups were essential.


Our WP Labs team gives the utmost importance to a corporate website’s functionality and design. When it comes to the Malta Florist, we made sure that their website is as easy to navigate as possible, by means of the convenient filters we added to each section. These reflect the season as well as the different milestones which people go through in life, which include Valentine’s day, Anniversary, Funeral tributes and much more. In fact, the website is made in such a way that it places the invaluable resources and essential information which visitors need at the forefront. Therefore, WP Labs designed inbuilt options for their eCommerce website to ensure that a potential customer can easily find the specific type of product which they are looking for. This is done by means of, not only a search bar at the top, but also lots of important information at the bottom of the homepage so that visitors don’t have to waste time scrolling through various pages to find what they are searching for. Subsequently, through our experienced web designers, we have created a corporate website for our client which not only goes hand in hand with our clients’ goals, but that expresses their values. In this case, although the description of our clients’ products are in English, the names of their floral arrangements are in Maltese which portrays a uniqueness to their brand.


Advanced SEO
We also installed an Advanced SEO module as part of our eCommerce website design for The Malta Florist. In doing this, we conducted a careful analysis of a great number of keywords that are directly related to the range of products and services which our client offers. We were then able to develop a corporate website with a spectacular content strategy. We also wanted to reach our large audience so we also installed a high-functioning messaging solution. This would allow our client to have a level of contact and engagement with their customer base which adds and advantage when it comes to reliability and efficiency.