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Nowadays, having an online presence is essential; whether you're a large business, a growing startup or simply someone who want to have an online portfolio of work. Websites are an important way to bring attention to your business or sell your products.


Unfortunately, if you are not a skilled web developer you may not know where to start. Teaching yourself how to code can be very time consuming, while hiring someone to build a website from scratch is a long and expensive process. Luckily, Wordpress has plugins that allow you to build a website visually, with no need for any coding knowledge. Even Wordpress itself can simplify and speed up the process of getting a website up and running.

The first step to having an online presence is finding a domain and a hosting provider. Finding a stable hosting provider and making sure your website stays up is important to prevent customers or visitors from being unable to view or use your site. At WP Labs, we offer wordpress hosting solutions that are affordable and worry-free, so that you can get straight to customising your website.


Customising your site is the fun part! You can use drag and drop editors to create  well-designed sections of content according to your branding needs and preferred style. You can then add in your desired written content to engage and educate your website visitors. If you struggle with designing a website that has a cohesive style and layout, we can also help you out. We can guide you to identify the perfect style for your brand, and bring this to life on your website thanks to our professional team of creatives and developers.


Once your website is set up, it is important to maintain it to ensure that is always up to date both in terms of style, and in terms of optimising your content to appeal to the current market of viewers and customers. SEO optimisation will help you outrank your competitors and stay at the top of the search listings, while keeping your web design fresh and up to date ensures they will want to stay once they click on your link.


If you simple want to leave it in the hands of the professionals, we offer services ranging from maintining an existing wordpress website, to building one for you from scratch, so get in touch with us and see what we can do for you.


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